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Mindfulness Week – Lunchtime 10-minute Mindfulness –

May 30, 2024
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Mindfulness Week – Lunchtime 10-minute Mindfulness – will be hosted by the International Student Counseling Office at the Student Advice and Counseling Center.
Through the Mindfulness Week, participants will learn how to better align the mind and body and to improve concentration.
Living in a busy life and/or overthinking can lead to stress without realizing it.
During the Mindfulness Week, participants will practice becoming aware of their here and now experiences.
Day 1 will focus on “joy” Day 2 on “sound” and Day 3 on “connection” to experience mindfulness that refreshes the mind and body.

No registration is necessary in advance.


■Dates and themes
 Monday, July 1:Joy
 Tuesday, July 2:Harmony
 Wednesday, July 3:Connection
■Time: 12:10-12:25
■Eligibility:all Hokkaido University students (including international students)
■Language:English and Japanese
■Place:Student Communication Station (2nd floor)
 ・Jul. 1(Man):C-15 (Counseling Room 8)
 ・Jul. 2(Tue)and July 3(Wed) : Room 214 


【Inquiries】International Student Counseling Office, Student Advice and Counseling Center (Student Communication Station 2nd floor)


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