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Meet Our Staff

Here is the list of our sections/titles and brief messages from our staff.

Student Counseling Office

Daisuke Fujioka
Director, Student Counseling Office/Counselor

I have experienced  working as a psychotherapist at child welfare institutions. I always try to imagine “how he/she might have felt” when I listen to consultees: their feelings, experiences, and life at that time. I try to understand them beyond “thinking” that I understand. Come and see us at the Student Counseling Office.

Ikumi Suzuki
Deputy Director, Student Counseling Office/Counselor

Hello! Nice to meet you. Up until now, I have been involved in counseling teenagers in the field of education. I believe that problems and struggles have meaning. They are seeds of growth, channels to connect with others, and can be put to good use.
If you are reading this, I hope that together we can think about what to do. Even if you aren’t sure whether or not you can use our center for something you’re thinking about, please come talk to us. We are waiting to hear from you.

Yuuka Konishi

Hello. I’m Yuuka Konishi, one of the counselors. Before working at the Student Counseling Office, I worked in the education and medical fields as a clinical psychologist. I hope to help students become able to “live their own unique lives” and as you try to resolve your issues, I will be alongside you to help think things out. Of course, if you don’t have any issues, but just feel like talking to someone, please get in touch with us. I have a relaxing, peaceful place waiting for you.

Miwako Nishio

Until recently, I had been working at a psychosomatic medical clinic and as a counselor in the Student Counseling Office at another university. As university students, you may experience a wide range of concerns, however, in the course of counseling, instead of being overwhelmed by these concerns, you will be able to take them in hand and find your own unique method of dealing with them. Let’s work together to get a handle on what is troubling you and discover your own way of dealing with those concerns. Feel free to drop by!

Masako Yamada

I have worked in medicine and education and have done clinical work primarily in student counseling. I provide counseling on a variety of issues, including but not limited to on-campus issues, such as self, friends and loved ones, in addition to family conflicts. Counseling can be done not only as a problem is occurring, but also during times when you can look at “things that are not immediately an issue right at the moment but are still bothering you.” We support the ability to be able to worry, listen, and think together. Why don’t you take time to take care of your mental health during your university life? We are looking forward to seeing you.

Sumire Matsuda

I have been providing counselling services in medical and educational fields both in Japan and the US. Based principally on therapies for trauma, I am dedicated to providing counseling to coordinate the mind and body. Drop by anytime to talk even if you do not have any problems.

Mina Isaka

I have previously worked in both the educational and medical fields. I would like to share your feelings and problems and help you make your day-to-day life easier and more fulfilling. Little things that bother you, things you worry about excessively; any concern you might have is fine to talk about. Please drop by.

Manami Niida

Until now, I have worked as a clinical psychologist in the medical and educational fields. I hope that you will feel free to use our services when you are troubled or lost, when you want to share your worries with someone, when you are not sure what to do… and of course, when you just want to “talk it out.” Let’s think about it together from various angles, search for solutions, and talk about it.

Sachiko Hashimoto

My clinical practice has been mainly in the medical field, but I have also done student counseling and parenting support, based on theories and techniques for psychological trauma. Have you ever felt that you could be kind to others when you feel vulnerable and in pain? I believe when trauma has started to cure, further growth follows. There is no distinction between small and large problems. When you feel troubled, it might be an opportunity to meet with us. We are glad to help you, all the students of Hokkaido University, to enrich your life.

Miki Fukumoto

In my career, I have worked primarily in education. I would like to listen to your stories and help you move forward in your own way. Talking to others can help you sort out your inner thoughts, and you may come to see different points of view from the ones you are used to. Please feel free to visit our counseling center without asking yourself, “Is it really OK to visit the counseling center for something as trivial as this?

Accessibility Services Office

Sawako Sakakibara
Director, Accessibility Services Office/Dedicated Counselor

We provide support to all Hokkaido University students so that you can have a fulfilling student life powered by your own ability. If you are unsure and thinking “I wonder if I can ask about this kind of thing…”. Please know that we welcome any kind of inquiry. Contact us anytime.

Rui Kawashima

I have been working as a psychologist in medical (e.g. mental health institutions), welfare (e.g. institutions for children with learning difficulties) and educational (e.g. college student counseling office) fields. I am committed to providing support by myself or as a member of our team so that all students, with or without additional needs, can attain fulfilling learning opportunities. Feel free to contact me.

Takako Yamamoto

I have been working as a psychologist in several educational (e.g. elementary school, junior high school, high school, and technical college) fields. I have also worked on the ground during a school crisis situation and a disaster recovery situation. I would like to support students who have various backgrounds so that they can study in a safe and secure environment. Feel free to drop by.

International Student Counseling Office

Harue Ishii, Ph.D., NCC
Director, International Student Counseling Office/Counselor

I am a clinical psychologist and a cat lover. I have extensive clinical experience in cultural adaptation, depression, anxiety, attachment, loss, and trauma treatment. Based mainly on EMDR and the ego-state therapy, I take a holistic approach using image, recognition, emotion and senses. Come and visit us at our center.

Michelle La Fay, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, International Student Counseling Office

I studied at Hokkaido University for 10 years finally graduating in 2003 with my PhD  in  Religious Studies from the Faculty of Letters. I worked at various educational facilities in the US and Japan before returning to Hokkaido University. By using my experiences as an international student, I would like to  support international students here and abroad. My motto: Make something beautiful every day.

Cui Wang, M.S. 

I have worked as a clinical psychologist at university and community settings while providing psychological support to international people staying in Japan. Because I have been in Japan for 10 years as an international student, I know student life is challenging. No matter how big or small your concern is, I will think with you to find solutions to your issues from a different perspective than your family and friends.

Chikako Imai

I have been working as a clinical psychologist mainly at medical and educational institutes. When you are a student, you might come across situations where you do not know what the right path to take is, e.g. personal relationships, career options and development, as well as academic accomplishment. Never isolate yourself, but think together with us to find new perspectives.

Sumire Matsuda

I have been providing counselling services in medical and educational fields both in Japan and the US. Based principally on therapies for trauma, I am dedicated to providing counseling to coordinate the mind and body. Drop by anytime to talk even if you do not have any problems.


Receptionists/Administrative Workers

Tokuyama, Nosaka, Watanabe, Goto, Adachi, Soeta

We dedicate ourselves to making a welcoming and stress-free reception. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or in person. If you do not know which office you should talk to, just contact us here at the reception.

Become a peer supporter

Hokkaido University takes applications for peer supporters at designated times throughout the year. Peer supporters are paid part-time staff (administrative assistant) of the university. Check out the peer support unit web site or come to the Center for more information.

Thinking about visiting us?

If you would like to make a counseling appointment, please call us, email us, or even just drop by in person. Students with appointments are given priority, so we recommend making an appointment.